Theme wedding favors help to brighten up your wedding even more by highlighting your theme. There are many different types of themes to choose from – you have your choice of humorous themes to seasonal ones, and from color themes to era-inspired ones. Wedding venues can also be your inspiration – the beach, countryside and luaus are common wedding favor themes.

Another interesting theme for wedding favors is the Vegas theme. Perfect for weddings in the City of Lights, Vegas wedding favors carry the same bright and festive ambiance that is synonymous with the city. Some of the most popular choices for these are:

– Bride And Groom favors. These are wedding favors that look like a typical bride and groom, complete with wedding gown and tuxedo. These little lookalikes can be made into place card holders, notepads, photo frames, favor boxes and even edibles like cookies and candy. As they are often in formal garb and colors of black and white, they are best suited for more formal weddings.

– Showgirl favors. Similar to the bride and groom favors, these are wedding favors that showcase showgirl pictures in their shimmery garb. With showgirl favors, however, you have the option of being more adventurous in your choice of keepsakes. Instead of conventional photo frames and place card holders, you could have feathered fans, lucky charms, fortune cookies or scented water disguised “potions” in little bottles.

– Playing cards. In line with the infamous casinos and entertainment scene in Las Vegas, playing cards are also an appropriate and practical favor. For a more conservative guest list, these cards can have pictures of the various scenic spots around the city and Nevada, while a more risqué crowd could have showgirls in their daring costumes.

– Faux gambling dice are also very appropriate as Vegas favors. These can be made into key chains, gift boxes, bottle stoppers or metal tins with likewise-designed cookies or candles inside. Actual playing dice can also be given as wedding favors, as long as the guests you are giving them to are adults.

– Las Vegas signboards bearing familiar and well-known Vegas nightspots make very memorable wedding favors. Place card holders are the best favors to carry such names.

– Iconic keepsakes are also popular for weddings with a Vegas theme. Right at the top of the list is Elvis, who has been a big icon favorite at most weddings. Elvis-inspired favors include having the superstar’s infamous caped, sequined outfits on notepad covers, salt-and-pepper shakers and even tall candles.

– Show tickets make a rare momentum. Tickets to a current show that will be on around the same time as your wedding date would make a memorable favor for your guests who, it is guaranteed, will always remember your wedding every time someone mentions “Las Vegas”.

– Crystals are also great gift ideas, although a little more expensive than the average wedding keepsake. To keep in line with the Las Vegas theme, have crystals in the form of playing dice encased in a clear casing or paperweight in the exact design of an iconic Las Vegas building like the MGM casino and hotel.

– Casino chips are also an extremely unique yet highly appropriate Las Vegas gift. You can have the chips as edible gifts like chocolate and strawberry cookies, as decorative items like statuettes and paperweight or on practical favors like watering cans and glasses.

– Venue-inspired keepsakes can also be beautiful, memorable pieces of your wedding. Carefully framed postcards can be interesting, personal and unique Las Vegas wedding favors. These postcards can be personalized with a little note from you and your spouse and for an added personal touch, should ideally be a significant spot in Vegas. If buying postcards of the same place proves too challenging, even better would be a photograph or photographs of the same spot that you can take. This cuts down on cost and ensures you have enough pictures for each favor.

Las Vegas keepsakes are perfect to give that little bit of excitement into your wedding, particularly it is in the city itself. Even if it was elsewhere, adding a little Vegas touch like with Las Vegas wedding favors makes the celebration a little bit more interesting.

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