I am trying so hard to keep this blog updated with new pictures. Between the move and the events taking place plus keeping up with family duties, its been hard to do so………so here are some pics finally:

First up September 18, 2010 – The Jewel Banquet Hall

Love working at this venue. They were ready for us at 9am that morning and the coordinator was super nice! She assisted in placing all the linens and overlays on the tables (prior to her staff coming in) so that we can bustle all of the guest linens……that’s right…BUSTLE all 30 guest linens. The underlay was an elegant mocha satin topped with a checked gold. The matching design scheme was followed through to the head table as well.

Next up…. Le Parc (Concord) September 18, 2010

This venue had booked a Jewish service the morning of my bride’s wedding that ran until 2pm. By the time the staff sorted the tables, we didn’t get in to do our job until 3pm!  Well, with my full staff on the scene, we managed to complete this beautiful wedding in only 1 1/2 hours.  The bride’s coordinator Angelique Sobschak also assisted in placing all the table card and favours on the receiving table in no time.  And the venue was TRANSFORMED!  I wish I took “before” pictures.

Lastly, The Manor Carrying Place – September 19, 2010

Simple …and elegant…

Thanks for looking!

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